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Find the Best Real Estate Agent by Asking the Right Questions

Finding the best real estate agents is crucial. Do you have property to sell? Do you want to buy property? The property market is a quagmire for lack of a better word and no matter how savvy you think you are, you will never make headway on your own. A realtor will help you get the best value for your money if you are selling property. However, you should not raise your expectations too high because the property market is self-regulating meaning that in many cases, there is not much that the realtor will do about the price of property but they can advise you about what to do to ensure that your property fetches the best price.

In the realty market, you get what you pay for. When choosing the best realty firm to work with, you get the service equivalent to the amount of money that you paid. Now this does not mean that the most expensive property agent is the best, but it means that you should always ensure that you get good value for your money. Since there are so many property agents in business today, you will find it a daunting task to choose the best one to do business with. They all claim to be the best. And that is why you need to know right questions to ask your real estate agents to ascertain that indeed you have the best. Read on.

Look for experience. If your realtor has been in business for a longer period, then you will be happy to know that he will give you more value for your money than one who just started operating recently. The more deals that the agent has closed for other people, then the more confidence you will have in his abilities. You are the customer here and you should not fear to ask the real estate agent how long he/she has been in the business. If you must, insist to see their credentials.

Are you a part time real estate agent?

This is a very important question but one that most people do not remember to ask. If he is a part time agent, then chances are that he will not dedicate enough time to your project. Man, you need to hire someone who does this for a living; you need to hire someone who can give his or her full attention to your project.

Are you new in this neighborhood?

If the answer is yes, it is time to get your walking papers. The last thing that you want to do is to hire a newbie agent who just came to town the other day. You want a property agent who can give you good value for your money, an agent who knows the neighborhood like the back of his hand. Has he closed any recent deals in the neighborhood? If he has, then you have yourself a good agent and you can do business with him.

If you are selling property, then you need to know that you are getting the most out of it. Ask the real estate agent if there are some property improvement ideas that he can give you. What kind of answer should you expect? Some of the things that you can do to increase the value of your home are like painting, cleaning the roof and the gutters, tiling, repairing the floors, changing plumbing and lighting fixtures and so forth. All things said and done, is the agent licensed to do business? Whatever you do, do not deal with rogue real estate agents. You could be in deep trouble with the law. Even if you hire your agents online, at least you should know their physical location and that they are operating within the laws of the state.

What is the commission?

This is very important because you want to know what you are facing. Now if you are selling property, you pay the real estate agents their commission. Now, there is the standard market rate that you can pay but that does not mean that it is the final payment. Ask for a discount and you will get one. On the same note, you also need to know what plan the property agent has to market your property. If an agent proposes to market your property online, then that is not good enough. You need one who has a wider marketing plan that will include many channels of reaching as many buyers as possible.

It is important for you to establish that the real estate agents will deal directly with potential buyers who show interest in the property. A realtor agent who just leaves everything to the secretary may take longer than necessary to sell your property. You should look for the power of cajoling in the agent. As much as it is a property market, it is also a customer care business. You need to establish the communication and negotiation skills of the real estate broker. Look for professionalism and from the way that the agent handled you, you can be able to tell whether he/she has what it takes to get you the best deal.

Since you will most likely draw an agreement with the real estate agent, you need to ask what would happen if you are not happy with the services that you get. Make sure that the real estate broker will include a cancellation clause so that you can opt out if the need arises.

A property buyer will ask questions different from the questions that a seller will ask. A buyer needs to ask the real estate broker why they are selling that property. He also needs to ask them about the lowest price that they will accept for the property. As well as know the right questions to ask, it is also important to know the type of answers to ask. How can one know this? Looking for information on the internet is paramount because then, you can know what to expect. It is also important for you to meet the real estate agents in person rather than conducting this interview on the phone.

Why You Should List with a Real Estate Agent & Avoid the Risks of FSBO

If you are planning to sell your home or property, you would very likely be interested in getting the best possible price for your property as soon as possible. A professional real estate agent has the skills, tools and experience needed to help home owners sell off their property for the best value and as soon as possible. However, not all home owners choose to list their home with an agent. Some may try to sell the property by themselves, reasoning that it can be that hard to sell off a prime property in a good location.

FSBO is an acronym that means For Sale By Owner and it is used for homes that the owners try to sell themselves with professional assistance from real estate agents. One reason why the option is quite tempting is that if successful, the owner would be able to save considerable amount of money that would have been paid as agent fees. In a bid to avoid paying fees or sales commission, a home owner can opt to undertake the marketing and selling of his or her home. This option is not advised, because there are several problems and risks associated with FSBO

Disadvantages of FSBO

Industry statistics indicate that as high as 80% of FSBO homes end up unsold because the owners lack the skills or tools to sell the homes themselves. In most cases, the homes have to be listed with real estate agents before they can finally be sold. This means that time and costs would first have to be wasted before an agent comes in to sell the place.

Experience also shows that FSBO homes get sold are relatively lesser prices that then same homes sold via a realtor. This is simply because the real estate agent is a trained professional with lots of resources at their disposal to make the sale faster and more profitable. If you decide to sell your home yourself, you have to consider the costs of advertising and marketing the property and you have to create time to show the house to multiple buyers who may end up not purchasing the place.

There are also several legalities and paperwork involved and the home owner may not know how to go about all this. Another reason why owners would usually find it difficult to sell their home themselves is that real estate agents working on behalf of prospective buyers do not like dealing with home owners directly. They prefer to deal with fellow agents as this makes the job easier for them and they don’t have to end up dealing with all the required paperwork themselves.

To prevent the usual FSBO blues and problems, it is best to get a professional realtor to help sell off your property and get you the best value for it.

Advantages of listing with real estate agents

Realtors are professionals who are able to get you accurate appraisals for homes to determine the true market value of the property. The higher the amount they can get for your home, the higher their commission and this means that they have a vested interest to sell off the property as high as possible based on realistic factors.

Another advantage of real estate agents is that they have more resources at their disposal. A good example of such tools is the multiple listing service or MLS. This is a system that allows estate realtors to list homes available for sale so that other agents can know about it. It is thus easier for agents working on behalf of buyers to get information about your home and contact you with offers. Professionals also know the best ways and mediums to advertise homes using appropriate websites, magazines and classified ads.

Since realtors are not emotionally attached to the property they want to sell, they are able to keep level heads during the transaction and deal better with prospective buyers. They save you time and effort as they help handle all the home showing and negotiations required to sell the place. As professional marketers they are also able to present the home in the best light to attract and convince buyers to purchase the place. There are times when the property market may be saturated with many homes for sale within an area. Buyers thus have more options to choose from and a professional would be able to get your home sold amidst all the competition.

The work of the real estate agent goes beyond that which is visible to the home owner. They take time to do a lot of things behind the scenes to ensure that a property gets sold as soon as possible. They make enquiries about prospective buyers to ensure that they are in a position to be able to make the purchase. With a professional handling your home sale for you, you can rest easy, assured that they would do all the required legwork and hassles behind the scene to ensure that you get a decent value for it.

The argument that FSBO homes save money as commissions don’t have to be paid is generally not always applicable. Industry statistics show that FSBO homes sell for about 13% less than homes sold by professionals. This is because prospective buyers would offer less when they deal with a home owner directly. This is because they know that the owner won’t be paying commissions to anyone. The owner thus gets less and actually loses money, not saves.

Listing your property with a professional real estate agent saves you time. It also helps you get the best possible value for you home, and you home sells faster. You would enjoy professional advice that would aid you in getting a good price and the agent would handle all the legalities and paperwork involved in closing the sale. Yes, the agent would get commissions, but the services that they render surely makes up for it.

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